Delicious and Jordanian

Jordanian traditional Mansaf

Jordanian traditional Mansaf

When in Jordanian you say “zaki” you refer to something good, delicious to eat. In this case Mansaf the traditional Jordanian dish is the delicious one! Eating mansaf is an experience of taste, usually made with lamb in sauce of dried yoghurt and rice and garnished with roasted almonds and pine nuts. Mansaf is cooked particularly during celebrations but in my case Sana made her best dish ever to welcome us!

In every celebrations you should never miss a knafeh, a delicious pastry soaked in sweet syrup and topped with pistachios and made with soft cheese. I tasted in different occasions, during Ramadan or for celebrating a marriage or a party. Just delicious!!!

a delicious knafeh

a delicious knafeh


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