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Dawali & Kusa Ready to eat!I really like to visit Jordan because of its wounders, beautiful and ancient sites, but when the topic is food, then I have to surrend to it! In previous article I introduced mansaf, the jordanian traditional dish and this time I have even more to share with you: waraq dawali and kusa. This culinary speciality is common in the Middle East or better in the old Ottoman empire, in Balcans and Central Asia. The main ingredients are vegetables and rice; in “waraq dawali” are grape leaves wrapped around and in “kusa ” are filled zucchini. There are also other variants with tomatoes or peppers. Mahshi waraq ‘inab in Arabic means “stuffed grape leaf” can you eat warm or cold, in both cases you will experience a great taste!

Each grape leaf needs to be wrapped and you can imagine how long will take to fill in each leaf with rice in order to prepare enough portions for an entire family. This preparation can take several hours and requires a good family cooperation…so it is a social experience for sharing 🙂